Speed, security, compatibility, and more!

Speed, security, compatibility, and more! Discover why our payment products fit your needs.

Be ahead of your competition Our Next Generation Payment Solution meets the demands of today's market and prepares you for the future.

We select each product to meet the highest industry’s security standards. From Android to traditional terminals, all certified PCI, EMV, Visa, MasterCard, American Express...

Whatever your need, we offer a solution for you. We have the terminal that you need, including: Android terminals Traditional Terminals MPOS MiniPOS ECR PinPad Self-service QR payments Biometric Devices

Android Terminals

Provide your customers a unique payment experience.

Our mobile and desktop terminals offer you the highest service and security standards in each transaction.


Traditional Terminals

Accept payments in an integrated, flexible, and secure way.

Our Linux terminals are mobile or desktop devices, offering all the benefits and functions you are looking for in a compact size.



The best ally for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Due to its compact design [pocket-size], our MPOS [Mobile Point of Sale] offers you the mobility and freedom to accept all forms of mobile payment(s). We support your business's growth keeping safety as a priority.



A first-class encounter for restaurants, retail, resorts, and more!

Thanks to the integration and support of its PCI-certified payment module, our ECR devices (Electronic Cash Register) offer you the freedom to receive all payment methods in an easy and secure way.



Practicality and security in each transaction

Our traditional Pinpads offer a reliable design to process payments effortlessly and secure, to meet the needs of your business.



Secure and resistance to all types of weather. Our range of self-service payment devices offer you the solutions that your business demands.

Designed to operate in adverse weather conditions, our IP56 and IK09 certified equipment offers durability, security, and multiple connectivity options to facilitate integration with vending machines, parking lots (ticket payment machines) , gas stations, or any other self-service payment method.

Take control of your business on-demand. Our Self-Service Solutions enable payments with bank cards in an efficient, sound, and expeditious manner and put you in control of your inventories and sales.


QR Payments

We enable multi channel payments.

Add QR code payments, contactless payments, or e-wallets to your business in an elegant, ergonomic, practical, and protected manner.


Biometric Devices

Security through identity recognition. Add maximal security to your business through facial and fingerprint recognition.

Make each operation a unique and secure interaction with our wide selection of biometric devices, ranging from payment terminals to our biometric fingerprint readers FAP10 and FAP60.


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